The Best and the Most Clever Sales Lead Generation Techniques for 2016

The Best and the Most Clever Sales Lead Generation Techniques

Continuous acquisition of new leads and nurturing the existing ones are among the essential components to keep your business grow. There are almost countless of methods that you can use to find new customers. But with these number of techniques and given the fact that no specific method can work perfectly to all industries, how can you be able to know which one can give you the optimum results? The answer is simple. It is by utilizing the universal trial and error process- test several types of sales lead generation techniques and measure the results of each. Through this, you ca be able to know which one can provide you with the results you are aiming to obtain. The bad thing about this is that it can be time-consuming and costly.

But you do not have to execute trial and error, anymore. Here are the top three most clever techniques used by top notch marketing professionals from Lead Generation Companies that you can also implement on your own business.

Lead Generation Techniques

Customer Referrals

If diamonds are the best pal of ladies and dogs are the best buddy of man, what is the best friend of a business organization? Yes, it’s customer referrals. Referrals from happy customers are certainly the most affordable way to get new leads. And most often, leads coming from referrals are well-qualified. They are as well most likely to be converted to paying customers. The friends or family members of your happy customers may likely to try the specific brand or product that your customers have already trusted, tried and tested. The key is to make sure that your services or products can satisfy your client’s needs and requirements and to make them feel that doing business with you is all worth it.

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best venue to promote your website and enhance your brand visibility online. It has been found that LinkedIn is more effective in generating new leads than the other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Lead Generation using LinkedIn

As the old business tycoons often said, it is better to invest something on a new platform and be the pioneer than go with the trend and make use of the existing ones. LinkedIn has just recently launched its publishing platform where all of their users can create and post content. Initially, the reaction of the general public showed favorable results. This means that the opportunity for you to stand out is huge.

Make a Viral Video

Youtube has given everyone the opportunity to shine. Why not make use of this platform for lead generation, create a video and make it viral? You can post the video both on different video streaming platforms and on your own website. Keep your video informative, entertaining, and engaging. You can ask your visitors to view and share your video on their social media accounts in exchange for something like a discount, free ebook, or any freebie you like.

platform for lead generation

You can also invest a small amount for Facebook pay per click advertising campaign. But this time, promote your video and not your product or brand. Believe it or not, if your video goes viral, you will be more than happy to receive a lot of visitors and a long list of potential leads.