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If we don’t provide the leads then you don’t pay. So, there is no risk and you have nothing to lose except future business! We not only will guarantee the leads we can call these leads within SECONDS of their inquiry and book the appointments on your calendar for you! NO ONE offers a guarantee like this so act now as we work exclusively for our partners in each niche market and territory!

Why We’re NOT Like The
Other Guys

Most “marketing agencies” promise the world but fail to deliver. This is because they rely on the same crowded marketing channels as every other agency and don’t need to get you results to get paid. They aren’t invested in your success because they keep your money whether you win or lose.

Our management team has combined for decades of marketing experience and successfully generates leads online. This is why we are 100% confident we can deliver you results every single time. If we approve you to become one of our partners – we will GUARANTEE your results every month. If we don’t deliver – you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

PLUS every client receives our online lead follow up/tracking system at no additional cost. We also can set your account up so our call center can call your lead within seconds of their inquiry and book the appointment on your calendar for you! Hard to find an offer like this (really impossible as we know of no other company does this) and even harder to pass it up!

A Proven System That Will FInd
Your Prospects For you and
Deliver them to You on Demand!

Don’t waste your money paying for a “managed service” HOPING you will receive results/leads. Because you can end up spending lots of money with no real leads to show for it, and your services managers response will be “we are working on making things better” as your money flies out the window!

Unlike most companies – we guarantee results by delivering a steady flow of new inquiries using a multi-channel approach. The bottom line for you is you ONLY pay for the leads you receive so you can not lose as we have NO SERVICE FEES EVER!

So here is what you can expect!

  • Constant inquiries generated on behalf of your business so you never have to worry about relying on “hit-or-miss” marketing campaigns again
  • Have complete control of how fast your business grows by turning the flow of leads “on or off” whenever you want
  • Hot inquiries delivered in real-time so you can contact the leads within seconds of them asking for more information. We also offer to call your leads for you within seconds of their inquiry AND will set the appointment for you maximizing the numbers of appointments per lead.
  • Get a reliable stream of inquiries so you don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from

We tap into the MASSIVE DATA on social advertising platforms to reach the best prospects most likely to give you the highest-gross profits


HERE IS OUR IRRESISTIBLE OFFER: We Will Call Your Leads Within Seconds of their Inquiry and Book the Appointments for You!

Studies show you are 21x more likely to convert a lead into an opportunity if you respond in less than 5 minutes vs. waiting just an hour. After growing our very own successful lead generation business, we know how hard it can be to get clients to call the leads as soon as they come in.

This is why we offer to call your leads for you within seconds of their inquiry! Or you can call them yourself. Either way we provide a FREE online platform and mobile app to every client to receive instant notifications and analytics to track, email, text and monitor your leads.

No more wasted hours

You will never have to search through endless email replies to try to track leads. With our platform you see all the details on every lead that you are paying for in a simple organized manner.

Instant Response Time

We will call your leads for you within seconds of their inquiry vastly improving the likelihood of getting them on the phone and booking an appointment. Or if you want to handle the calls yourself use our free app to receive instant notifications so you can call your lead immediately plus text and email right through our app!

Tracking and Monitoring

With our online platform you will be able to monitor all activity on every lead that comes in. This includes the ability to see the response time and activities of who ever you assigned a lead to. So no leads will ever slip through the cracks ever again.


If We Don’t Produce You Don’t Pay


As an approved partner – we’ll only be working with YOU. We use proven campaigns to deliver inquiries from the most responsive people in your locality. To enable us to guarantee the results, we will ONLY work with one business per market in each geographical area. Once we find that niche client in the specific area we are prospecting this offer will be gone as we shut down that area to any competitors as we work exclusively for our clients!


When inquiries are generated you will have 2 choices on how they are managed. First you can have us call your leads withins seconds of the inquiry and have us set the appointments on your calendar for you. Or you can use the free online platform we provide to receive the leads in real-time so your internal staff can call, text and email them using the app we provide at no additional cost.

Keep in mind with either option you are being provided this platform and will be alerted of new leads instantly even if we do the initial call. This way you can still call, text, and email any leads we were unable to reach right away. In addition, you can track analytics on each lead with this system.


We place ads in front of the most hyper-responsive people who match the exact demographic (age range and sex) and psychographic (study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.) of your perfect client so you can convert them into profitable, lifelong clients.


Merging Massive Data with a multi-channel approach we’re able to find and deliver you quality inquiries from your local area who are highly interested in your services before the competition even knows they exist.

This allows us to send you leads every month predictably and reliably. We’re so confident, we Guarantee It. If you were contacted or you came across one of our marketing ads or messages that means we are actively looking for ONE client in your niche market and territory. So do not wait. Inquire NOW to see if your area is still available because this offer will not be available once we secure a client in your business category and area.