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Best Strategic Business to Business Marketing Ideas of 2016

Today when we say b2b marketing, everyone involved is not your customer but with correct business to business marketing you can always conquer the world. The aim of marketing is to know and understand for your immediate customer needs and here are some strategic business to business marketing ideas that you can’t say no to. […]

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Why Does Your Business Needs Market Research?

No one would want to invest a good amount of money in building a business that sells smartphones and other high-end electronic gadgets in the middle of the forest where there is no electricity supply. Building a business does not only depend on what you want to sell or what service would you want to […]

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Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting; Both Together Increases Productivity

There are many benefits of Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting, and when both implemented simultaneously; would help in achieving tremendous results for your company. Let’s have a look into the advantages and benefits of both: 1) Appointment Setting: Appointment setting helps your company grow by appointing a representative, who is responsible for dealing with your […]

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Welcome to TG Marketing

In today’s business world, two things are a necessity to guarantee success; clientèle and business relationships.TG Marketing exists for that sole purpose, to ensure the continued growth and success of your business by helping you expand your clientèle and help build and strengthen business relationships. It’s understood that a strong network can not be achieved […]

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