Knowing the Different and Unique Methods of Marketing; Leads to Sales

The role of B2B Telemarketing is very important for any business to survive in long run. But before that, it’s essential to understand the difference between a consumer, a customer and a client. Consumer is one who consumes a product or service. It’s not necessary that a consumer becomes your customer or client. When a consumer buys a product or service from a company, the consumer gets transformed into customer of the company. So, the logic derived is that; a consumer may become a customer; but a customer is always a consumer. This is the difference between consumer and customer. It’s not necessary that a customer becomes your client.

A client is one who maintains an ongoing relationship with the company, which is mostly due to factors such as trust, quality, affordability, etc. The customer; who repeatedly buys products or services of a company, is actually the transformation from customer to client. Customer may not be regularly buying, but a client will almost buy regularly; from a particular company. It’s very important to understand these things, before entering into the depth of B2B Telemarketing. Let’s understand this through following examples:

1.First Stage: A person uses soap for bathing. The person is consumer because he is using (i.e. consuming) the soap. But it’s not certain, what company’s soap the person is using. That’s why the person cannot be called customer at this stage.

2.Second Stage: If the person in first stage, who is the consumer of soap; uses the soap of XYZ company, then that consumer can now be called a customer of XYZ company. Because at this stage it’s certain, about which company’s soap the consumer (i.e. the person) is using.

3.Third Stage: If the person in second stage, who is both; a consumer and a customer; finds the quality of the product of XYZ company, to be of better quality; then he/she would repeatedly buy the soap of same company. Now, we can say that the customer has become a client of the company. Because the customer trusts the company, regularly uses the company products, and who likes the quality of the product; manufactured by the company.

So, this is the difference; which is used interchangeably by many people; due to lack of knowledge. It’s essential to understand the difference, because it explains the type of relationship; between a buyer and a seller.

When it’s about Outbound Telemarketing, it’s essential for the personnel of marketing department to know, whether the person whom they have dialed; is a consumer, or a customer, or a client. Sometimes, it’s quite possible, that the marketing personnel dialed the number of person; who is already a customer or client of the company. This would waste time and money of the company, and unnecessarily it would also create a negative impression on the customer or client. A detailed research is always suggested before beginning the B2B Telemarketing Project, for marketing the company’s products or services.

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