Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting; Both Together Increases Productivity

Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting; Both Together Increases Productivity

There are many benefits of Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting, and when both implemented simultaneously; would help in achieving tremendous results for your company. Let’s have a look into the advantages and benefits of both:

1) Appointment Setting: Appointment setting helps your company grow by appointing a representative, who is responsible for dealing with your clients. As the representative is highly skilled, he represents on behalf of your firm to close the leads by converting them to sales. In this way, there is an increase in the sales of your company’s products and/or services. Apart from this, the Appointment Setter can also deal with your clients during the peak office hours and off-hours i.e. before and after the official working hours. The outsourcing company which provides Appointment Setting Service in California on behalf of your company will appoint a representative, who shall be responsible for taking all your client calls.

The outsourcing company employs the representative for your company, according to the shift timings suitable for you. This will also reduce your company’s costs of employing staff for taking calls and for attending clients. You also need not require operating three shifts in a 24 hour period. More the clients are attended, more is the lead conversion rate and accordingly more is the sales. So, this is how the Appointment Setting Service increases revenue for your company. Apart from this, your company’s cost per sale decreases because a skilled expert has the ability to generate more sales compared to ordinary employee. This is an additional benefit of Appointment Setters.

2) Direct Marketing: Direct Marketing is a method of marketing which eradicates the requirement of middleman. This helps the company to directly sell their products to the buyer. This way the cost of the product reduces automatically because the seller does not need to pay anything to the middlemen or agents. Direct Marketing is a combination of old traditional marketing methods and new technological marketing methods. The goal of Direct Marketing Service in California is to directly target the consumer i.e. the end user. This also saves lot of time; which can than be utilized for core business functioning and additional marketing, which in turn results into more sales.

For example, suppose your company first introduces your company’s products to the suppliers, the agents, the employees, etc. who in turn do the marketing and advertising on behalf of your company, in front of the consumers. Just imagine the amount of time that gets wasted behind training everyone and behind introducing the products to all of them. The time that these suppliers, agents and employees consume in front of buyer; is an additional waste of time. The Direct Marketing Service is the solution to all these problems. The main benefit is to the consumer who buys products from Direct Marketing Companies.

The buyers get the products with ease. Just by dialing a toll free number or by sending an email, the consumer gets the product(s) delivered at their doorstep. Secondly, they get exactly what they need i.e. relevant products are delivered to the consumer. Thirdly the consumer saves lot of money because the requirement of employees for the company gets reduced, when the companies outsource their Direct Marketing and Appointment Setting requirements. However, all you need to take care while selecting the Outsourcing Service Provider is that, they should have proven experience and records.