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Why Answering Your Phone is Vital to the Financial Health of Your Business!

If people are searching your services and products out, and they have enough interest to call you, but you don’t answer, then you are not leaving them with a good first impression. The problem is you may never get another call from them ever again! The statistics show that nearly every time that prospect will move on to the next business that will answer their phone! You’ve just lost potential income by not performing the most basic communication effort to grow your customer base!

Sounds silly, right? Well, the fact is, the majority of businesses neglect their phone, and are letting revenue and customers slip out of their hands, even though there is a simple solution that basically pays for itself!

These could even be current customers you end up losing simply because you didn’t answer the phone. There are calls coming in that may be urgent and require immediate attention. It is very difficult, expensive, and nearly impossible to have staff available 24/7 to answer the phone. But no business wants the reputation of not answering their phone, and deal with the credibility loss that comes with what would appear to be a lack of caring about their customers?

Our answering services at TG Marketing really pay for themselves as we can help retain your Customers, and prevent the loss of potential income by providing your business a re-assuring, direct contact to your Clientele and prospective clients when you can’t get to the phone yourself.

Implementing an answering service helps free up employees from answering phones all day so they may be more useful to your organization. Over 80 percent of business communications are done over the phone, which means there is a great need for your business to have a professional answering system put in place.

Here are Some Benefits of Leveraging a TG Marketing
Answering Service for Your Business:

  • Better Customer Service Results
  • Your Phone Will ALWAYS be Answered 24/7/365
  • Reduced Staffing Costs
  • Increased Productivity for Employees
  • No Missed Calls from Clients or Potential Customers

The Eye-Opening Statistics on the Chart Below Will Give
You a Clear Understanding of Why Answering Your Phone is
So Vital to the Health of Your Business

Help improve your organization’s standard of communication right
away by inquiring about our very affordable answering services that are
tailored to meet your unique set of business goals.

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