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Our Happy Clients

We immediately were put in front of the decision makers, which reduced time and money. The appointments have already translated into new business opportunities for our company.

Brady Henry

Advanced Safety and Training

Professionally are doing the work we were trying for months hyring different people to do

David Feiertag

Fbc home concept

They have been an extension of our company and are truly a great business partner. Honesty and Integrity come to my mind when I think of TG Marketing.

Greg Perrill

Novus Healthcare

TG Marketing. Job well done. Great to work with and meets my business marketing needs. When I signed up. I said just get me in the door and I’ll do the rest. Once again. Job well done! You are getting me in the door. Thanks TG Marketing team

Brian Shackelford


increased commercial sales

Michael Glick

Michael Glick Insurance

The TG Marketing team has provided the avenue to be a return on investment for our company. We have been impressed with the product, delivery and service to the extend in which we have increase our partnership with them. We have referred them out to several companies who need an extension to the sales team and will continue to do so in the future! Thank you TG!

Melissa Johnson


As a result of my initial investment, we received a 5 times multiple in earnings. It is something to be said when a company delivers strong service along with the professionalism TG Marketing’s staff provides that I am glad to continue our relationship.

Bill O’Donnell

Business Growth Capital

Leads from TG Marketing has been one of the main sources of leads for us. It always has the potential of landing good jobs.

Mark Stratton

Platinum Roofing, Inc.

TG has begun producing leads for me where there was no action before. I had another guy doing some freelance telemarketing and the difference is leaps and bounds. Plus it frees up my time to get back to running my business

Carl Fanaro


Tg Marketing has keep their word from the get go. They told me how many appointments id get and they were spot on. They have answered all of my questions with speed and respect, as well as given me credit for an appointment that was not to par,no questions asked. Every one from sales to quality control has been more than superb , they truly have out preformed my expectations . As a sales partner TG has proven their worth 10 fold. I researched many companies before I agreed to work with them, im more than pleased I decided to go with TG. Their appointment setting team is also to be recognized as top quality, my company is in NY, the hardest city for telemarketing . I intend to continue my partnership with TG for many months to come…

leo sguera

isoionic solutions inc

Sarah with TG Marketing has been phenominal! She went out of her way to not only work to get us business but teach me to be efficient at marketting too as I completely quit my other job to go full time into this. The business she got for us not only helped us get on our feet but gave me a huge confidence boost in the most uncertain time of a business: the startup. Thank you guys for all your hard work and when i get some more somographers to help i will definitely be calling yall up again to help us grow 🙂

Payton Bean

Kingdom Diagnostics

TG Marketing has supported me in my marketing efforts by communicating with prospects in a positive way and in a timely way. Melissa is proactive and studious. she wants to do a good job and it show! Jason is focused on making sure each job is done correctly. Jason is flexible and accommodating. He is the consummate professional. Sincerely, Linda R. Patent

Linda R. Patent

L.R. Patent Financial

Whitney Mason has done a FANTASTIC job setting up appointments for us! She is very friendly to the prospects and extremely detailed in her notes. She has been wonderful to work with! Keep up the great work, and thank you so much Whitney! 🙂

Jeff Eikenberry


I am so pleased with TG marketing! I was really not wanting to do business with anymore marketing services for Appointments. After speaking with Jason and him reassuring that TG marketing would be able to meet my needs I went with his company and was the best decision I made thus far. They have been able to breakthrough some of the toughest industries and provide me appointments that allows me to increase my sale and grow my company. Very customer service oriented and have done whatever I asked with no problems. Thanks again, Jason/Melissa and staff ,you have made a big difference in the growth of my company. Horace Augustine Progressive Staffing

Horace Augustine

Progressive Staffing

excellent lead quality

scott minuta

madison who’s who

It took only two weeks for TG Marketing to set up appointments for the launch of a new software product that resulted in contracts with major financial services firms across the country.

Charles Legalos PhD

Critical Contacts LLC

As Agent of New York Life,All the appoinement made by TG Marketing were very good and and all clients are ready to sign up.I will say so far 100% rate.The job was pretty done and all I need to do is to show up and present the paper work.I will continue to TG Marketing for my business.I like the calender system also.

Franklin Allakpo

New York Life

Having a small business, I’m constantly wearing many hats. I started my business by dialing and making my own appointments until I realized that production would even be better if I had a reliable company that could set sales appointments while I focused on my other tasks. Then I found TG Marketing. Wow,, what a difference this has helped me out. TG Marketing is now my go to company for my appointment needs. Hands down to Brian Lewis and Jason Ramirez for their never ending help. I trust TG Marketings judgement and quality of work for any business that is in need of any type of campaign. Sincerely, Crystal Goodwin Aqua Chill of Mesa

Crystal Goodwin

Aqua Chill of Mesa

Just work with TG Marketing to meet your goals! They are always there to meet your business need. A great business partner!

Jeana Nguyen


The service was great. Jason called me back immediately on every question and instruction I had for him. The amount of leads we recieved was great and the price was very competitive.

Carlos Gonzalez

Southern California Events

Tg Marketing started setting appointments the very first week. The quantity of appointments keep coming and we had to rework how we handled the appointments, due to the mass volume. I would highly recommend them to any other business trying to streamline or grow their business.

Philip Golding

Saving Cash Magazine

With the rising cost of fuel and the cost of hiring and training new employees etc. I have found that by having quality appointments set for me the owner to go on is a great overall savings versus the alternatives.

Tony King

ARK Publishing

TG Marketing sets high quality appointments. Every appointment that I went to the customer was expecting me to show up and that’s is very important. They are doing an excellent job and I would highly recommend their services! Damon

Damon Lee

Pivotal Payments

BBB reviews

As a solar company, TG Marketing has been very fun and easy to work with. Throughout this entire process they’ve explained what we should expect from them and they have exceeded our expectations. In the short time we have been working with them we have already seen many strong commercial leads, so of which have closed in a short period of time. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them and would recommend them to anyone.

Review- Maddie R.

TG Marketing saved my company! I own a solar company and we had a slow winter and thanks to Franklin and the team at TG marketing who were able to give me excellent appointments that turned into sales that literally pulled my company out of the fire. I am so thank full for TG Marketing

Review- Douglas

We were a little tentative at first, not sure if the business model would pay off. We did however move forward and I am glad we did. The leads are real and prospects, for the most part, were genuinely interested and enthusiastic. We re-contracted several times and are happy with the service.

Review- Joe M

We have been currently working with TG marketing and it has been such a productive partnership to increase our business volume day by day. They’re working with pretty dynamic team and willing to do what it takes to make their customer happy. Their reactions to your requests are always quick than your expectation and resolve your problems practically. We especially thank Ms.Sarah Officer in this respect. We’re sure that they will keep continue to meet with our targets at an accelerating pace. We would definitely suggest their service to any company who want to extend their business capacity.

Review- E.T

In our short time working with TG Marketing we have found the organization to be professional and worth the money. They have a solid business model with great response times and proven results. We will continue to use TG Marketing to help generate sales leads for our business.

Review- Jason Reynolds

I have been in solar sales since 1977 and I can say that, without qualification, TG’s are the best leads I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. EVERY customer is fully informed and prepared to provide the time and information necessary.

Review- H.S