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One of the strongest tools to gain a competitive advantage is through market research. Nobody can have a true pulse on their market. There are always new trends in business, new competitors coming to market, and these changes are constant. So why go into a marketing campaign in the blind? The best way to tailor your business to meet the changing demands of the business world is to know your target audience’s preferences, buying habits, and to get a good handle on the overall business climate in your market.

The only way you will know is by asking. Our Account Managers will work with you to build a robust market research campaign powered by a custom survey with questions that speak to your prospects and evoke the responses you need to get a firm grasp on the happenings and changes in your market. These responses in turn will become valuable data that will help you sharpen your marketing message to your prospects, because it will be reflect the general consensus you discovered from the results of your market research.

Surveying is an excellent tool for campaigns that need quantifiable data. Companies that would like to know what their Customers are thinking utilize Customer Satisfaction surveys. Thoughtful employers that are looking for their employee’s feedback often have us conduct their surveys for them, as well as political parties looking to reach out to their constituents, consumer watchdog groups looking to publish a review on particular products, and Non-Profit organizations love to find out where there best donor concentrations are located through current event and lifestyles surveys.

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Carl Fanaro
TG has begun producing leads for me where there was no action before. I had another guy doing some freelance telemarketing and the difference is leaps and bounds. Plus it frees up my time to get back to running my business
Whitney Mason has done a FANTASTIC job setting up appointments for us! She is very friendly to the prospects and extremely detailed in her notes. She has been wonderful to work with! Keep up the great work, and thank you so much Whitney! 🙂
Tom Cady, A Plus Roofing
Do you realize that you made an appointment with the largest apartment developer / manager/ for me and my company.. I am now signed up with C.D., and about to close a $ 250,000.00 roof job and take over maintenance for their northern California properties? You have made me a player.