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Please Review the Proposal Overview Below for Details and Pricing

Please Review the Proposal Overview Below for Details and Pricing

Dear Prospective Customer,

I would like to thank you for considering TG Marketing for your to help grow your commercial roofing clientele. Within this proposal overview you will find information on our services and the pricing you requested.

If you are looking for a company that can be trusted to produce results look no further. We take great pride in our ability to produce for our clients, and set a foundation based on honesty, integrity and hard work.

This has resulted in a long history of satisfying clients as evidenced by the glowing reviews and testimonials of our clients across the country. Be sure to review the rest of our website and see what others are saying about our A+ rated company.

Scroll to down for additional information and pricing. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best regards,

Gabe Salome



Direct Line: 209-780-4137

About Us:

TG Marketing is a nationwide call center specializing in business to business lead generation and face to face sales appointment setting via outbound telemarketing. TG Marketing has been in business since 2010 with 5 Star Google rating and A+ rating with the BBB.

Quite simply, we are something refreshing and unique in our industry. First off, we do NOT look to lock our clients into long-term contracts or ask for large upfront payments. Most companies will do one or the other or both. In contrast we offer a budget friendly weekly billing which is unheard of in this industry. In this way you can try our services with very little risk or exposure. Especially when you consider our 5 Star Reviews and the testimonials of satisfied clients!


Appointment Setting

TG Marketing’s bread and butter service is face to face appointment setting (we offer a host of other telemarketing services listed below). Our main objective is to set your sales reps/team exclusive one on one sales meetings with the chief Decision Makers. We work together with our Clients to put each party in the best positions to succeed.

Each appointment has criteria set forth by the Client. Essentially, you will tell us what a qualified appointment is, and our Business Development Reps do what they do best, which is set you those appointments. Our Quality Control department is the final safeguard between a bad experience and an efficient, successful meeting, as they review and confirm that each appointment was properly set. After an appointment has passed quality control, it is delivered to your inbox, as well as listed on your dedicated calendar, ensuring two points of reference.

Our lead generation and appointment setting campaigns are designed to be a full-service marketing project that will do the following beyond pre-set sales appointments and lead generation, all of which are included in our quoted rates:

  • Build a sales pipeline for future prospects through data verification and data cleansing
  • Provide telephone appointments for Decision Makers on the fence about meeting face to face or are have limited availability due to time restraints
  • We can also set virtual appointments for the technological era via Skype and webinars if preferred
  • Email your marketing materials to Decision Makers that might not be qualified right now, but could lead to an opportunity down the line

Other Outbound Telemarketing Services :

We offer a multitude of services for companies that need to utilize telemarketing marketing strategies other than appointment setting and lead generation. We help multiple industries with services that will help with messaging, branding, data verification, market research, surveying, customer tracking and customer appreciation. Some of types of projects that we help with frequently include:

  • Decision Maker and Data Verification Projects/email, phone # etc.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys /Political Polling
  • Market Research Projects
  • Event Attendance RSVP and Confirmation Services
  • Trade Show Follow Up Campaigns
  • Real Estate Investor Inquiry Services
  • HIPAA-Compliant Medical Patient Follow Up Campaigns

TGM Pilot Packages

There is a $300 Discount on any renewal package after the initial pilot program

Package Plans: Service Hours per Week: Approx. Number of Calls: Approx. Size of Call List: Total Package Cost: Weekly Bill:
60 Hours 15 1,500 + 600-800 records $1,950.00 $487.50
80 Hours 20 2,000+ 800-1k records $2,500.00 $625.00
100 Hours 25 (4 weeks)20 (5 weeks) 2,500+ 1k-1.25k records $2,950.00 $737.50$590.00

These Packages are ALL Inclusive as Detailed Below

Campaign Phase Campaign Phase Breakdown
Campaign Build
  • Full Call Scripting with Client-Approval
  • Business Development Representative training time
  • Test calling done on our time not campaign time
  • Tailored Prospect List from Dun and Bradstreet based on your criteria
  • Dedicated Account Manager available to you
  • Online calendar and scheduling system built around your availability
Live campaign
  • 1-2 Dedicated Business Development Representatives
  • X # of hours of telemarketing depending on your needs and budget that are allocated in weekly campaigns of 15- 25 hours depending on package chosen
  • Data verification and cleansing services
  • Local, White-labeled Phone Number(s) ordered and broadcasted to ensure the highest possible connection rates.
Results and Consultation
  • Weekly Progress Emails from Account Executive
  • Full call log and list penetration reports available weekly
  • Recordings of conversations available upon request. All recordings held on internal servers for 14 days from date of conversation.
Renewal Options
  • You will receive a $300.00 discount on your selected package upon renewal of Services and will be locked into this discounted rate for an entire year from the launch of their Pilot Package.
  • You may renew services on a month-to-month basis or on an Ongoing basis after the conclusion of this proposed Pilot Package
  • Renewal commitment minimums are 2-weeks with a weekly minimum of 20 hours of Services.

Be sure to look into our Inbound Live Receptionist Services and Review Management Service as well!