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Roofing Proposal

B2B Outbound Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Sales Funnel Proposal For Commercial Roofing Contractors

I would like to thank you for considering TG Marketing for your marketing needs. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you in best interests of growing your commercial roofing business. We take great pride in our dedication to our clients, and set a foundation based on honesty, integrity and hard work which results in the following for our satisfied clients…

  • GUARANTEED Quality leads and appointments that generate results
  • Detailed reports and recordings for quality assurance and accountability
  • Timely scheduling around your availability and business day
  • Exceed expectations in service, quality, cost effectiveness
  • Project ourselves as an extension of your business instead of an outsourced call center
  • Provide all the above to build a solid foundation on which a long-term partnership can be built

We strive for and have succeeded in building a well-rounded marketing strategy. We understand time is money, so we create leverage for our clients enabling them to maximize their returns by focusing on SALES as we handle all the prospecting for them.

We offer an in-depth marketing strategy with a focus on face to face appointment setting. You will get the most out of your marketing dollars creating the greatest ROI possible when compared to other forms of marketing or handling in house. When you use our services its like hiring an entire marketing team without all the headaches and overhead associated with increasing staff.

Our business model has been proven over and over through the years so there is no mystery as to if this will work, and why we offer a guarantee. We know that if given the opportunity TG Marketing will help grow your roofing business as it has done for 100’s of roofers around the country. This is heard loud and clear by the countless testimonials from satisfied clients just like this…

Do you realize that you made an appointment with the largest apartment developer / management co./ for me and
my company? I am now signed up with C.D., and about to close a $250,000.00 roof job and take over maintenance for
their northern California properties? You have made me a player. -

Tom Cady- A Plus Roofing

Your company will have opportunities to sign new business week in and week out with the chance to make game changing deals like Tom had. With our minimum appointment GUARANTEE there is absolutely no risk in trying our service. We are so sure we will produce that we not only guarantee it, in addition we do not ask for any large upfront payment, or any long-term contracts. We bill WEEKLY which is unheard of in this industry. That has us proving our worth week in and week out! Included, you will find detailed information on our Services and pricing. We look forward to growing your business!

Best regards,

John Cosola
Vice President
Direct Line:



You will fill out a script development form and a demographic profile. This gives us the information we need to write a script with the benefits and credibility relating to your company. It also gives us the insight we need to understand the type of buildings you want to work on.


We create a script and train our business development reps (BDRs) on your company details so we can professionally position our BDRs to be a true extension of your company.


We will share the scripting and marketing campaign details with you for your approval.


Once campaign details have been approved, we pull a list of buildings that fit YOUR criteria, so we are calling into building owners that you would want to meet with! The list will be shared with you to scrub out any current clients or any unwanted records.


The calls begin! We use a 2-step call approach with the initial call focused on identifying the decision maker (DM) and gathering valuable data such as: address, email address, title, direct contact # or extension (if available), best time and day to call. Also, by asking the appropriate questions this call can help to qualify, and more importantly disqualify a prospect so that moving forward our calls are targeted only to qualified prospects. All subsequent calls are aimed at getting the DM on the phone and trying to book a roof inspection once we connect.

Keep in mind that in addition to the calls we will be making as an extension of your company we also provide a constant contact email account to create a well-rounded marketing approach. We combine phone prospecting with data collection and email marketing to create a marketing strategy that is sustainable and continues to yield results over a long period of time.

There are only 4 results possible when making a prospecting call. Our main objective on these calls is to set a face to face appointment for a roof inspection. However, if that was our only focus you would miss out on a VERY high percentage of future sales opportunities. Here is how we ensure we make EVERY call count and yield a positive result!

Call result 1 - We book an appointment for a roof inspection with a decision maker who has a current roofing issue or a concern about the roof so they want an immediate inspection

  • Action: We put on your calendar and you go sell!

Think about this…What busy building owner/decision maker is going to set aside time to meet with your company rep at a specific date and time if they did not have a real interest in your services? These are ROCK SOLID EXCLUSIVE appointments! Here is what you can expect when consistently running these sales appointments.

  • You sign a job because there is an immediate roofing issue they need addressed right away
  • There may be no immediate issue but there is an opportunity to sign a maintenance contract
  • There is no immediate issue, but you have now forged a relationship that will lead to future business

Call result 2 - We speak to a decision maker (DM) who has some interest but is not willing to meet face 2 face.

  • Action 1: We see if they are open to receiving information and getting a follow up call which leads to action #2
  • Action 2: We add them to constant contact and email them information and provide you the details, so you can follow up
  • Action 3: You follow up with a phone call and set a face to face meeting!

Call Result 3 - We are not able to get the DM on the phone.

  • Action 1: We continue to call this lead to attempt DM contact (9-12 times over a 3-week period)
  • Action 2: We take the information we have gathered on previous call/s (email included) and add them to constant contact to drip on them if we are unable to reach them
  • Action 3: You can follow up on email contact with a phone call to attempt to set face to face meeting!

Call Result 4 - We either get a gatekeeper or DM who shuts us down completely and shows ZERO interest as their roof is new or they have a roofer etc. OR we find the business no longer exists, it’s a bad number, or any other result that indicates this record needs to be removed from the database

  • Action 1: We remove this record from the database thus cleansing and improving the accuracy of the data and eliminate wasting any time on this record moving forward and creating a targeted list of viable prospects!


Quality Control – We recorded each call made (available upon request) and our trainers and account managers continuously monitor the BDRs and their calls to see where adjustments may need to be made. Each appointment booked is reviewed to ensure the appointment was booked properly with the DM and fulfilled the criteria you set forth for your appointments. After an appointment has passed quality control, it is delivered to your inbox, as well as listed on your dedicated calendar, ensuring two points of reference.


Email Campaign
With our 2-call approach we gather a lot of decision maker emails which builds a very valuable list of qualified prospects. There is a saying marketing “the money is in the list”. That’s because if you are consistent in building and prospecting to a targeted list of prospects that fit your criteria sales follow EVERYTIME. This data is extremely valuable as these are phone verified email addresses, we are collecting that will get delivered 100% of the time.

Here are 2 types of email campaigns you can run with the data we provide.

Campaign 1: This will be a campaign focused on those businesses and DMs who we have been unable to contact but have gathered contact information for. As you know many business owners are extremely busy and are hard to reach by phone but will respond to email.

We suggest you craft a series of emails to these prospects. The Subject Line to the first email in this campaign should be something like this: (DM name) We have been trying to reach you. The body of the email would have the approach of “We have been trying to reach you regarding (description of company product/services)”. Include some bullet points and a call to action and attach a PDF or any marketing literature if available. Staying in front of your prospects consistently WILL lead to future sales! (We HIGHLY recommend creating a series of 6 to 12 emails in this campaign)

Campaign 2: This will be a campaign focused on those businesses and DMs who would not commit to a meeting but who have interest in receiving information. As you know many business owners are sometimes hesitant to book meetings until their interest level is raised. Effective Emails can raise this interest and your in-house sales team can follow upon these warm leads creating a LOT more quality conversations. This will lead to booking more appointments and SALES.

The Subject Line to the first email in this campaign would be: Here is the information you requested (DM name) The body of the email would have the approach of “Thank you for your interest ETC. You can then add captivating content and bullet points about your company and a call to action. You should also attach a PDF or any marketing literature if available. (We HIGHLY recommend creating a series of 6 to 12 emails in this campaign)

The Subject Line to the first email in this campaign would be: Here is the information you requested (DM name) The body of the email would have the approach of “Thank you for your interest ETC. We would continue with captivating content and bullet points about your company and a call to action. We would also attach a PDF or any marketing literature if available. We will send 11 additional emails as well, but you can add emails to this campaign at any time.

Dialing Metrics and Reasonable Expectations and Our Guarantee!

Reasonable Expectations:

Before we go into some details on the call metrics there are some numbers you should be clear on so that you have reasonable expectations when entering into a telemarketing campaign. Most telemarketing companies will not be transparent about how things REALLY work in this business. The difference between our company and most others is that we offer a much more well-rounded marketing approach which yields MUCH greater results over a longer period of time than a 1-dimensional telemarketing campaign.

Here are some numbers you should be aware of.

Only 1 in 6 records are even viable prospects: This means that only 1 or 6 people we call will fit into the category of either having an immediate need, or understand that a need may arise, or are willing to “shop around”. That’s OK because we will be building a list of only viable prospects in this process of elimination creating a STRONG list of targeted prospects!

It takes approximately 9+ dials to connect with a Decision Maker: That’s because 50+% of the time the DM is not available, or you get a voicemail. Executives hate receiving calls. Salespeople hate making calls. Most calls result in hang-ups or no-goes – except those that don’t eventually lead to sales. This is mainly why we are in business because savvy business owners understand their sales teams precious time team should be used for reaching out to warm leads and selling not prospecting and calling to clean lists to find qualified prospects. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU! TIME = MONEY!

The Rule of 7: The Rule of 7 is a marketing principle that states that your prospects need to come across your company information or offer at least seven times before they really notice and take action. This may be a scary # to you but it should not be as with our approach we can attain these 7 touches and even more via calls, voicemails, emails and of course your consistent follow up. Let’s not forget there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule as we have countless testimonials on how our marketing efforts have expedited sales for our clients! PLUS we are guaranteeing your appointments so there is no risk of striking out here!

Dialing Metrics and Guarantee

TG Marketing employs a click-to-call software that keeps BDRs efficient and productive. This allows TG Marketing BDRs to make approximately 25 dials per hour. TG Marketing follows a proven call formula with the objective to set 1 qualified appointment every 4 to 8 hours of telemarketing. However, the # of appointments booked over time vastly increases as a result of ALL the efforts and strategies we incorporate together in the campaign.

We will GUARANTEE you a certain # of appointments depending upon the package you choose. Please see the pricing details on the last page to see the guarantees. With the guarantees in place and the value in the scope of services we offer we have eliminated the risk to try our service. There is no question that this will create a positive return on investment for your company!

You also must factor in the VERY valuable data we gather during a campaign. The targeted data we uncover alone is worth the investment in a campaign as these prospects will be touched via email and follow up calls both by your sales staff and our BDRs. This is a strategy that can yield continuous results if implemented on a consistent basis! Give us an opportunity to prove to you why that would make sense!

Return on Investment (ROI)

Before reviewing the pricing, it is important to get a grasp on the potential ROI. The key objective of any marketing campaign is to be able to create a positive ROI and the bigger the better of course. You know what your average sales are or what a long-term value of a customer means for your business. You need to review the pricing and factor in the investment in our marketing and what you can reasonably expect in return based on the marketing approach we are proposing. In most cases it takes very little success in a campaign to start seeing a positive ROI!


  • If you were to try to create this kind of marketing strategy internally it would create a MUCH larger expense, cost you a lot of time and let’s not forget the headaches that come along with bringing on new staff and training. You are saving time, money and headaches on all the following:
  • Purchasing Lists: Purchasing the RIGHT list is an art in itself on top of being costly.
  • Hiring Multiple Employees: Each Employee needs to have Specific skill set
  • Cost to Hire: (Indeed, Ziprecruiter etc.)
  • Training Employees: Telemarketers/Managers/Quality Control Dept.
  • Insurance: Workman’s Comp/Unemployment/ETC.
  • Payroll Expenses: Payroll Service and Taxes
  • Employee Turnover: Time drain for Rehiring/Retraining
  • Software/Hardware Costs: Also Learning Systems and Reporting
  • Misc Expenses: Too Many to List
  • Lost Opportunity/Time Cost: Even if you used your salespeople to prospect you are not leveraging their time most effectively as their time will yield greater returns if its focused solely on selling!
  • We feel confident that you will see a great ROI with your investment in the well-rounded marketing campaign that we can put together for your company. The most exciting part for both parties is this could be a long-term marketing solution that can be leveraged consistently through the year (you can turn off and on when needed!) to create a steady flow of qualified targeted prospects for your sales team!

Package Options

Package Plans: Service Hours per Week: Approx. Number of Calls: Approx. Size of Call List: Total Package Cost: Weekly Bill: Hourly Rate: MINIMUM Appointments GUARANTEED
60 Hours 15/W for
4 weeks
1,500+ 600-800
$1,950 $487.50 $32.50 6
80 Hours 20/W for
4 weeks
2,000+ 800-1k
$2,500 $625.00 $31.25 8
100 Hours
Best Value
20/W for
5 weeks
2,500+ 1000-1200
$2,950 $590 $29.50 10
150 Hours
Best Rate!
15/W for
10 weeks
4,000+ 1500+
$4125 $412.50 $27.50 15
Campaign Phase Campaign Phase Breakdown
Campaign Build
  • Script writing and copy writing of email campaigns
  • ALL necessary training for all parties involved in campaign
  • Tailored Prospect List from Dun and Bradstreet
  • Conference calls with Production Manager
  • On-line calendar and scheduling system