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Guaranteed Exclusive Appointments For The Pest Control Industry!

Please Review the Proposal Overview Below for Details and Pricing

Dear Prospective Customer,

I would like to thank you for considering TG Marketing to help grow the commercial side of your pest control business. Within this proposal overview you will find information on the following:

  • Our Performance GUARANTEE (So there is NO RISK in trying our service)
  • Our Unbeatable Pricing (We offer the best bang for your marketing dollars)
  • Our Exclusivity (We do NOT share these appointments with your competitors!)

If you are tired of wasting time prospecting or spending money on such resources like Home Adviser where you have to battle multiple competitors just to hopefully get to speak to a lead, then you are in the right place.

We work EXCLUSIVELY for our clients so that you would be the ONLY pest control company we work with in your protected territory. This is a HUGE advantage. And these are NOT leads they are exclusive preset face to face appointments with business owners who want a quote on your services. It doesn’t get any better than that! Scroll down for all the details on our guarantee and pricing!

Best regards,

John Cosola

Vice President


Direct Line: 208-813-1471

About Us:

TG Marketing is a nationwide call center specializing in business to business lead generation and face to face sales appointment setting via outbound telemarketing. TG Marketing has been in business since 2010 with an A+ rating with the BBB.

Quite simply, we are something refreshing and unique in our industry. First off, we do NOT look to lock our clients into long-term contracts or ask for large upfront payments. Most companies will do one or the other or both. In contrast we offer a budget friendly weekly billing which is unheard of in this industry. In this way you can try our services with very little risk or exposure.

There really is NO RISK to try our service when you consider we are putting a MINIMUM APPOINTMENT GUARANTEE in writing! We know of no other company that will guarantee anything other than cashing your check! This will grow your business faster than any other marketing solution you have ever used! Read on for all the details!

Our Exclusive Appointment Setting Service:

TG Marketing’s bread and butter service is face to face appointment setting. We set your sales reps/team exclusive one on one sales meetings with the chief Decision Makers who have been introduced to your company and have agreed to meet you at a specific date and time to discuss your pest control services.

By exclusive we mean you are the ONLY Pest Control Contractor we will work with within your protected territory. These appointments are yours exclusively so you are not quoting against your competitors and will NEVER be resold giving you a unique advantage. Once we have an agreement in place in your territory, we will shut down our prospecting for that area. So, if this is something you are seriously considering let’s talk ASAP to lock it up!

As a business owner you are very busy, as are all your prospective clients. No business owner is going to carve out time in their hectic schedule to meet with you if they have no interest in your service. Makes sense, right? So, for that reason (and many others listed below) these are HIGH quality EXCLUSIVE appointments we are setting and the closest thing you can get to a closed deal.

Each appointment is set based on your criteria. For instance, you may not want us to call any restaurants or certain types of businesses you don’t care to work for. We will tailor the list to your criteria, and our Business Development Reps will do what they do best, which is set you those appointments.

Our Quality Control department insures you receive a highly qualified meeting every time. They listen to each call and confirm that each appointment was properly set. They will clarify that that it was the decision maker on the call, that they were clear on the purpose of the meeting and have agreed to meet at a specific date and time. After an appointment has passed quality control, it is delivered to your inbox, as well as listed on your dedicated calendar and is booked based on your availability.


IMPORTANT: There are NO hidden fees or set up fees . We take care of the campaign construction and your call hours do not start until we pick up the phone to start prospecting for you! Take a moment to consider the value our all-inclusive service offers, and the in depth work involved in creating a successful campaign. Here is all that goes into our comprehensive campaigns:

  • List : We purchase a list of businesses to call based on your criteria (ie. building square footage, types of businesses you would like or like to avoid)
  • Scripting : Script writing and development with your final approval
  • Training : Training and educating of callers on your company and services as they are an extension of your company.
  • Dedicated Acct Manager : Access to AM whenever you need, and we provide full reporting on campaign.
  • Quality Control : EVERY call is recorded, and EVERY appointment is reviewed to verify the appointment was booked with a decision maker who is interested in speaking to you regarding your services and has agreed to meet at a specific date and time.

If you were to try to create this kind of marketing strategy internally it would create a MUCH larger expense. You are saving money on all the following:

  • Hiring Multiple Employees - Each Employee needs to have Specific skill set for Campaigns to be successful
  • Training Employees - Telemarketers/Managers/Quality Control
  • Payroll Expenses - Employee Wages, Employment Taxes
  • Insurance - Workman’s Comp/Unemployment as there WILL be turnover
  • Employee Turnover - Time drain for Rehiring/Retraining
  • Cost to Hire - Indeed, Ziprecruiter etc.
  • Purchasing Lists - Purchasing the RIGHT list is an art in itself
  • Software/Hardware Costs - Also Learning Systems and Reporting
  • Misc Expenses - To Many to List
  • Lost Opportunity/Time Cost: Even if you used your salespeople to prospect you are not leveraging their time most effectively as their time will yield greater returns if its focused solely on selling!

The list goes on and on and more than likely even after incurring such expense you may not produce the same results as we have perfected this over process over 10 years. So, if you are looking for a turnkey, push button, done for you marketing strategy that works and will be there when you need it then look no further! The pricing below will show you the incredible value of our services!

TGM Pilot Packages

Package Plans: Service Hours per Week: Approx. Number of Calls: Approx. Size of Call List: Weekly Bill: Hourly Rate : MINIMUM Appointments GUARANTEED
80 Hours 20/W for 4 weeks 2,000+ 800+ records $230 $11.50 12
160 Hours 20/W for 8 weeks 4,000+ 1500+ records $210 $10.50 24

These Packages are ALL Inclusive as Detailed Below

Campaign Phase Campaign Phase Breakdown
Campaign Build
  • Full Call Scripting with Client-Approval
  • Business Development Representative training time
  • Test calling done on our time not campaign time
  • Tailored Prospect List from Dun and Bradstreet based on your criteria
  • Dedicated Account Manager available to you
  • Online calendar and scheduling system built around your availability
Live campaign
  • 1-2 Dedicated Business Development Representatives
  • X # of hours of telemarketing depending on your needs and budget that are allocated in weekly campaigns of 20 hours.
  • Data verification and cleansing services
  • Local, White-labeled Phone Number(s) ordered and broadcasted to ensure the highest possible connection rates.
Results and Consultation
  • Weekly Progress Emails from Account Executive
  • Full call log and list penetration reports available weekly
  • Recordings of conversations available upon request. All recordings held on internal servers for 14 days from date of conversation.
Renewal Options
  • You may renew services on a month-to-month basis or on an Ongoing basis after the conclusion of this proposed Pilot Package
  • Renewal commitment minimums are 2-weeks with a weekly minimum of 20 hours of Services.

Be sure to look into our Inbound Live Receptionist Services so you never miss a call ever again as missed calls are missed opportunities!