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This Service Cost LESS
than Your Daily Coffee!

Is your reputation worth more than a cup of coffee? Silly question, but most businesses owners spend more on their daily coffee than they do insuring their prospective customers see them in a positive light online. It’s a Simple Equation.

ORGANIC Google Searches = Business Prospects
More 5 Star Reviews = More Sales and Income!

It is a FACT that your poor review status costs you business because 1000’s of potential customers Google YOUR type of business in YOUR city every year Those potential customers will only call businesses with a HIGH # of POSITIVE Reviews! So start improving your reputation and income TODAY!

Pay Month to Month for Just $149/Month (No Contract)

OR Save 33% with One Time Annual Payment $1200

Don’t You Think Your Reputation is Worth More than $3.28 a Day?

It Should be as 93% of People are Judging Your Business on Reviews!

10 Years in Business A+ Rating with BBB and 5 Star Google Rated!

Getting More Reviews is

We take care of 95% of the work on the back end managing your invite campaigns and monitoring your review status 24/7. All you need to do is take a few seconds to fill out the form you see here once you complete a job…it is SO SIMPLE to do and takes just SECONDS!

The form is on a web page that you can bookmark to your phone, tablet or computer. You can share that link with all your employees so that ANYONE can send out a review invite right after they complete a job.We could not have made this any easier. We can have your account set up within 24 hours and you can start improving your review status RIGHT AWAY!

Why Are Online Ratings and Reviews
So Important to EVERY Business?

The statistics in the video at the top of this page make it very evident why reviews are so important (Be Sure to Watch It), but let’s give you a real life example and then you can really answer that question yourself…
In the example below we did a Google search for Landscapers in Dallas Texas…The question is simple.. based on the 3 businesses that show up in this Google Search…Which business would YOU call first?

Which Business Would You Call First?

How Are Your Reviews Lacking?

If your answer was Scapes Inc. then you are thinking just like 95% of the people who found these 3 businesses in this search. Why is that? Well it is pretty evident. In this example Scapes has the highest number of reviews as well as the highest rating. It’s a FACT that the businesses that get the most calls are the businesses with a lot of reviews and the highest ratings.
This is not only supported by the overwhelming statistics, but more importantly by YOU, as I am pretty confident as a consumer you look to buy from businesses with high ratings and lots of positive reviews…Makes sense right? Read on to see exactly how we get you more 5 Star Reviews and make your business the obvious choice to call.

Prospects are Seeing Your Reviews MUCH More Than You Think. What are they Seeing?

People are seeing your reviews EVERY DAY, and you are losing out on a LOT of potential business if you have low ratings or even a low # of reviews.
Even if you have a five star rating but you have very few reviews, or they are not current, the prospect will move on to the business with more reviews that are recent and more relevant.
This should open your eyes. If you look closely at the image to the right you will notice a few very important points, and why positive reviews mean so much to your business.

Here are some points to note.

  • Note the date the review was left 5/29/18
  • Note the date Google sent this notification 7/10/18 (approximately 5 weeks after the review was left)
  • # of times the review was read = 1000 TIMES
This sums up why paying attention and focusing on getting more 5 Star reviews should be the #1 priority for EVERY business. Because no matter how people are finding you (referrals, advertisements, Google searches etc.) they ALL end up looking at your online reviews and reputation, and people buy from businesses with a good rating, high # of reviews and CURRENT and FREQUENT reviews.
We can help you become #1 in your business category/territory and make YOUR business the OBVIOUS choice. Remember 97% of people search for local business online and 93% are reading online reviews so contact us TODAY so we can start getting you more 5 Star Reviews NOW!

So on average 200 people a WEEK saw that POSITIVE review.

Statistics Don’t Lie!
Don’t You Check Out Reviews When You are Considering a Purchase?

Eye Opening Statistics:

  • 97% search for local businesses online

  • 93% read online reviews about businesses

  • 87% will not use a business with Low # of Reviews and/or Low ratings

  • 86% will hesitate to purchase from a business with negative reviews

  • 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

  • 77% think that reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant

  • 72% of consumers will only take action after reading a positive review

  • Customers are likely to spend 31% MORE on a business with excellent reviews

  • Source:https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/

Reasons Why This Service is Valuable:

  • Increase Reputation with more 5-star Reviews

  • Improve Your Search Rankings

  • Influence New Customers

  • Become Obvious Choice Over Competitors

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your ads and marketing

  • Recognize and reward employees who wow your customers

  • Raise your Google Local rankings.

  • Daily Monitoring of Your Online Review Status

  • Uncover recurring issues that may be occurring in your business

  • Directly address unsatisfied clients privately BEFORE they get online

  • Consistent reputation across sites builds community trust

5 Simple Steps to Getting 5 Star Reviews

Get Complete Online Reputation Management
for Less Than Your Daily Coffee


The first step is providing you a report card on the current status of your online reviews and reputation. We then start the process of setting up your business profile and custom Review Funnel. This customized funnel helps us capture more positive reviews for your business, and you should now understand that More Positive Reviews = More Sale$

Sample Analysis


We tactfully ask and remind your customers for feedback via email or text. Then funnel then begins working. Your customers simply click on the “Review Us Now” link where they will then be filtered by their positive or negative experience. Happy customers are guided through the online review process, and dissatisfied customers are guided to a form that messages you directly so they are dealt with privately BEFORE they write a negative review. (See steps 3 and 4.)

A Series of “Feedback Request” Emails/Texts are Sent Periodically


So based on their experience 1 of 2 things will happen. The client that clicks on 4 stars or more (those customers who obviously had a real positive experience) will be sent directly to the review sites of YOUR choosing like Google, Yelp, BBB or any of the dozens of others you can choose from to post their positive review. This makes it FAST and SIMPLE for your customers so you get more positive reviews immediately!

Happy Clients are Sent DIRECTLY to Review Site of YOUR Choice


Now those that rate you 3 stars or less (had a not so great experience) are NOT taken to a review site but instead are shown a form so they can privately message you their issue. Our customized Review Funnel gives complete control over which customers we send to your review sites (only the happy ones!). This still gives your unhappy clients the ability to voice their concerns, but ONLY to you INSTEAD of bad mouthing you online!

Unhappy Clients are Shown the Form Below to be Handled Privately

Daily Reputation
and Reporting

We don’t just get you more positive reviews we monitor your online reputation DAILY. Every day our software searches the internet and alerts us of ANY reviews that appear related to your business not just the ones we generate. You will receive beautiful comprehensive reports monthly to update you on status of your online reputation. (see example below).

We Monitor Your Online Reputation 24/7/365 So You Don’t Have To

We Stream Your Best Reviews to
Your Website and Social Media Profiles

Now that you will have LOTS of positive reviews we can leverage those reviews to attract new clients. We hand select which of your latest and greatest reviews we will broadcast to your website and social media profiles.
This will peak the interest of viewers and turn prospective customers into paying clients! This effectively puts your positive reviews right in front of potential clients wherever and however they may come across your business online.

Enter Your Information Below to Receive a Free Report Detailing Your Current Online Review Status

You Invested Many Times In Your Business But You May Have Missed The Most Important One

Think about this for a minute. It doesn’t matter if you are investing marketing dollars on TV, Radio, Print, Online ads or wherever… ALL potential customers end up going online to check out your reputation. In today’s world even if you don’t advertise and people hear about in ANY way, they still end up online looking at your rating and reviews.
So you can be throwing money away, as this is like inviting people to a pool party when there’s no water in the pool. Businesses are finally beginning to understand why review and reputation management needs to be a #1 priority. The good news is it will probably be the smallest investment you will ever make in your business!