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Direct Marketing Follow Up

Direct marketing comes in two main formats; traditional mail and email blast campaigns. But the truth of the matter is that there is no correct or perfect marketing method, and most marketing efforts are maximized when supplemented by another marketing vehicle.

Some feel that mailing campaigns and email campaigns just don’t provide a strong enough response to be utilized more. That is simply not the fact when you consider the fact that Email Marketing still returns the greatest ROI per dollar spent. That is of course if you are using it properly (check out our email marketing page!). For traditional mail, you have to hope your piece makes it out of the mail room and onto the proper decision maker’s desk, and then hope that your mailer is reviewed by that particular decision maker. But these direct mail campaigns can still work.

Marketing should be a measurable, calculated undertaking and it seems that certain forms of direct marketing have high risk factors that return low response rates of 1% to 3% like direct mail. But does that mean you should abort those forms of marketing? No not at all.

The best way to maximize your marketing investment with a “mailer” campaign is to have a strong telemarketing effort behind it to supplement and increase response rates. There is not a better way to ensure that your message is put in front of the proper people than with a direct phone call. A two-prong attack will provide you increased ROI, exposure, and conveys to your prospects your focus and intent to meet with them. Let us give you a hand in making the most out of your marketing initiatives.

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